Our Goal

What makes the Warming Shelter different from other organizations that support the homeless is we welcome any and all who are in need of shelter. Once an individual steps into the Warming Shelter, we want to ensure we can provide the necessary support to get their lives on track. We do this by providing shelter, food, and hope. By offering stability and a warm place to rest, we give these individuals an opportunity to reintegrate into the community and become a contributor to the region. We provide compassion, help and direction to those who need it most.

Board Members

Rex Mueller, Jim Anderson, Joe Twidwell, Jerry Hernandez, Alison Justice, Rev Paul Johnston, Josh Lebowich, Jason Hammer, Val Uken, Fr. Jerry Cosgrove, John Ackerman, Marcia Pauling, Mark Schuett, Frank Baron, Jennifer Haugen, Dave Drew, Dave Curry, Greg Nashleanas, Joe Gill; Non voting-Director: Lindsay Lusk

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